Kana Lui Miami was started in September of 2004 by Tim Streeter and Jon Sinnreich to promote the sport of outrigger canoe racing in the Miami area.
We accept adults of all ages who are fitness/adventure minded and who wish to share a competitive sport while fostering the aloha spirit and the Hawaiian tradition of an extended and strong Ohana.
Do you have a competitive drive?
Do you enjoy team sports and being a part of a community?
Do you love the Ocean?
Are you looking to try a new sport?

Kana Lui Miami Outrigger Club welcomes you to join one of the fastest growing and most exciting sport in South Florida, Outrigger Canoe Paddling!

The story behind our name
Kana was a 12th century Hawaiian warrior from Hilo, on the Big Island. He was entrusted by his father, the then chief of Hawaii (Hakalanileo), to command a fleet of 500 canoes in an assault of Haupu, a stronghold on the rugged coast of Molokai, to rescue the kidnapped Hina, his mother and the Chief’s wife.
Lui is short for the Saint Louis School in Honolulu which our club’s founder, Tim Streeter, attended through High School. His grandfather settled in Hawaii from England, and Tim having lived his young years there, had the OC paddle culture ingrained in his own.
Miami is where Tim settled his family and established our Club. Tim is our Big Kahuna and our Club’s name represents the Spirit of Paddling.